September 13, 2015

Destroy Talents With Passions

What so happy, broken nation win elections relied on Singapore 东亚病夫 hypocrites, new citizens, braggarts, bootlickers with bacons in theirs mouths, just sat back watching your stupid nation shows?
Destroy Talents With Passions
The facts of winning the games, the ruling party had implanted their seeds… hidden among us! *Most never put up flag, show they love this city! Deceived everybody! U can’t differentiate your enemies in Singapore any more. – Defend useless here... Every creature can be Dogs!

Singapore millionaire PAP ministers always playing dirty games destroyed their talents who had passions! – Excellent speech! Touched my soul!

Wise parents will encourage all their children to perform! But, Singapore a ruling party will destroy their enemies, their citizens to perform! - Benefit them! ‘Rule the World!’ Enjoy theirs good life!

No life! No pains... My life in bad shape! ‘No space for everybody!’ Everywhere Kill! No options! No parties! No more Excitement! No dreams, broken home, no future!

I'm living with idiots sinister, no caring! Singapore the most unhappy, divided nation! Nothing special! They play parties! Secure theirs future, not everybody! Not mine! – Singapore no human rights!!!

Singapore is a nuts place to live! They don’t appreciated talents! Theirs children will like Clowns in future!

“Every school without decent wise mentors, is useless!!! (That kind can 'Enlighten' u be Thinker! Be Wisdom!)

My life miserable! No literati 没有文人雅士 charismatic kind, comfort souls! – Back to old… way! Ah Lian | Ah Beng, entertainment Clowns shows! “Most teachers like that standard, u know! Early sign of brain retarded!

*My wisdom vision for all… All Oppositions Work Together be Savior (救世者) save the poor the hopeless (like me) neglected by a ruling party! – Everything start from small, to big!!!

Singapore only had 'Discrimination' companies! [Read More]

May 7, 2015

Catching Flies

Applied indoor job, but offered outdoor job. Flexible, like Freelance. (*Suit for Singaporeans 无所事事 to pass time!) But not Modern relaxing @home!
Freelance jobs
Front line job, again. No experience, lower my expectation! Singapore made me stupid, learning silly things. Tired hearing saying that, “我没见识. 很多东西要学...”

Salary not transparent. Always earned only transport allowance! No full benefits, basic pay! Like doing ‘Money Laundering!’ in toilets. Nobody Knows! – Singapore gimmicks (hidden costs profit sharing) No guarantee got commission! More than a person jobs! Run errands site viewing, doing measurement for carpenters, no Gong Fu send back information! – May they want save money (Using prepaid Top-Up phones!)

Not branded Renovation Company didn't provide accessories, no tablet recording information doing sales! Everything buy your own! (Foreign workers got companies provide mobile phones! Or, topping up their cards, free!) No much information given. No contacts of suppliers. Afraid others steal. – What's the point got good workmanship, handicraft! No internet yet promote sales… (手工好! 不出名. 有什么用.)

My 1st sale doing ‘Catching flies’ (打苍蝇) outdated jobs, aching door to door sales gave away brochures for those interested! No instant quotation, made for customers. Need time to estimate the costs to get profits! (Affordable by common people!) – From my experiences, most hate door to door sales! (Cheated most often by unprofessional counterfeit companies (冒牌公司) established in Singapore!)

Singapore is a scam city! Anything can be deceptive! Suffered losses 什么都吃我的. Think my parent opening gold mine. No point took the initiative, spending my money treated me a fool travelling unnecessary trips. Singapore mentor training 半斤八两, not very professional! Pregnant ones dangerous working with! Not sure, when will burst! – Behaved like Ah Lian Ah beng that type! Blow me off 超讨厌的, 放我鸽子! 气死人! 浪费我时间! Always SMS nonsense 空…谈的话, 没重点 messages entertaining confused me. (Think my SMS MMS, all calls Free!) – Disadvantage using lousy phone, data transmission slow...

Interesting! Advertising gimmicks using pregnant woman get buyers attention! Can change Name card be professional too!

Pregnant Woman Target Sales
Pregnant Woman Target Sales

Where got 大吃大喝 jobs, everything companies pay for me? Singapore is a miser city. None charitable to me!

January 15, 2015

Inactive SIM

After Facebook incident recently. Very odd coincidence, my Singtel prepaid SIM card inactivated! Trouble login accounts associated with my mobile phone! (Too much secrets exposed! 小人 sabotaged me!) “浪费一个月! 又浪费一个礼拜! 气死人!”
Not all accounts got options login using another email!Verification
As usual many... years, I left it idle for few months after expiry! (Till can sms, but cannot call! If I needed call, just top-up that all!) – Poor people friendly service! Now, no More! Adjust to new conditions! Everything changed!

No serious warning SIM Card inactive will charge fee!!! They just immobilized me due to no Top-up made!!!”

Made me tenser (confusing me) after received an email no solution to get back my number, simply replied "…you can walk in any hello shop to apply for a new prepaid card with SingTel." – Singtel did not update their customer's needs! (Repeated my story talking to different parties!) No instant email (took days… reply!)

Only informed their hidden secret when I called 1688 (transferred to oversea!) Got service extend my Prepaid SIM expiry, by dialing *398# ($0.99 for 60 days & $1.40 for 90 days! – Benefit those hated topping-up wasting money till got balance in!)

No Activate service! Theirs solution, only ‘Replacement Sim Card’ service to maintain my number, total charge S$77.45 to save my top-up balance!!!

“Not Happy! Feel like scammed! My number can be cloned to a new SIM card!”

Unbelievable, Singapore smart nation emergency assistance needed 7 days journey for Replacement, fly from oversea! (斷了的弦 can’t save lives... disconnected from the world!) Professional kept me pending… no date given (Saturday, Sunday not counted!) Damn slow… in everything! ‘Long… waiting lists!’ Keep on loading weight! Pressurized us caused us sunk... our number disappeared unable see or heard, again!
Keep on loading weight!

I'm not the first victim! Puke! More complains going on... “I rather they banned all redundant work, simply activate back my SIM!”
Is Singtel going bankrupted? That’s their wisdom came up with bad ideas cheating poor! (Knew most wanted theirs numbers! Theirs balance!) – Gave them unsatisfied very poor rating, 做事没头没尾! My balance empty! Hope I forgotten, getting back! (Called back, again!)

My world getting darker filled with bad people always bully the poor, even they're official! – Not transparent anyone won the CASE? In fact, too cumbersome!
Singapore is a miser, Fine city! Sucking everyone hard-earned money... No compassionate & kind. None charitable to me! Their heart filled with happiness for all bonuses they'd received! "If I'm in Coma sick for many... months, woke up @wrong timing! Singtel sent me such gift!" 该死 Singapore! 该死的人骗我的钱! May, my curses worked on them!

老毛病又犯! Can’t I have long... Depression period!
Unable move!

No life! No pains...

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