Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sick Of Asia! Hard To Fish!

Many restrictions caused unhappiness! Kill your hobbies! Even, u knew the best spot to fish! Can’t go ‘round’ the reservoir with your belongings, free patrol for Security! (Ridiculously Government no rules control those love 'Porn' as hobbies!!!) How u feel, exchange shoes? "U not allow pray here, pray to the bad area!"

Regular visitor threatened, start to shoot! (Like many... hurt, kill!)
(Wonder what’s model he using, can withstand hits! Till functioned good... I want to shoot too! The world blind!)

No worry no fired them, even damaged your properties! PAP puppets treated them like Gems! If the guards were Chinese! Guarantee u see many 'Unjustified' creatures attacking, with ‘Superficial’ remarks happy Chinese dead! “U deserve be punished, lost your rice bowl! Dot Dot Dot...肤浅的人一大! (Wonder they passed grade?) Singapore 东亚病夫 theirs generations will be gone soon! They not united!

Racists in our society! ‘Muslims can eat!’ No Fine these inconsiderate people! Trust me, if I eat like them, Aliens will Fine $$$ me!
(Keep this picture, just in case U got caught!)

Singapore 东亚病夫’ resulted ‘Racist’ environments, brotherhood! Similar my previous Security work! Treated U like dog, retard! Don't speak English, very cocky & rude... with vulgar words acted like gangsters! Created theirs SOP! – Singapore full of liars Robbers! Not safe leave your belongings to strangers! “No one care your lost!” 

Power of makeup can turn U into a Swan!
Better check those wearing headdress covering; u had no idea a man inside, carrying! But, they always spared, aimed at those wearing light! (Analyze them thoroughly! No picture shown for those committed rape of underage Sex!)

This kind of article always appears online to lure idiots believed in everything! (They should ask me, I’m experienced... answering those questions!) 
“Jobs only for PAP puppets! Hope u had broken family & dreams! Who the next victims? 找吃很!

Hard to fish, animals will chase down u!
(U look different!)

Why designated area?
Ans: For guards easy to monitor! 1 side for fishing, other side for ‘dead fish!’ (‘Suicide Paradise attraction!) Secretly, not much guard can swim! Wayang jobs! 要命! Patrolling ‘big’ area! (*No time save u... dying faraway @ quiet place!) Importantly, easy kill... target the crowd & benefit authority to convey dead bodies! – “Died together for socialize!

Singapore no fish in the crowd, only had dead fish!

Wonder many lost their passion, stay home! (Playing Toys... Fish!)

“Lost my goal. Now, my hobby is Sleep...

Remember ‘Corruption’ will never complain they are corrupted! So, they can last longer!


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