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May 7, 2015

Catching Flies

Applied indoor job, but offered outdoor job. Flexible, like Freelance. (*Suit for Singaporeans 无所事事 to pass time!) But not Modern relaxing @home!
Freelance jobs
Front line job, again. No experience, lower my expectation! Singapore made me stupid, learning silly things. Tired hearing saying that, “我没见识. 很多东西要学...”

Salary not transparent, only commission, transport. More than a person jobs! Run errands site viewing, doing measurement for carpenters, no Gong Fu send back information! – May they want save money (Using prepaid Top-Up phones!)

Not branded Renovation Company didn't provide accessories, no tablet recording information doing sales! Everything buy your own! (Even, foreign workers got companies provide mobile phones! Or, topping up their cards, free!) No much information given. No contacts of suppliers. Afraid others steal. – What's the point got good workmanship, handicraft! No internet yet promote sales… (手工好! 但不出名. 有什么用.)

My 1st sale doing ‘Catching flies’ (打苍蝇) outdated jobs, aching door to door sales gave away brochures for those interested! No instant quotation software, preparation made for customers. Need time to estimate the costs to get profits! (Affordable by common people!) – From my experience, most hate door to door sales! (Cheated most often by unprofessional counterfeit companies (冒牌公司) established in Singapore!)

Singapore is a scam city! Anything can be deceptive! Suffered losses 什么都吃我的. Think my parent opening gold mine. No point took the initiative, spending my money treated me a fool travelling unnecessary trips. Pregnant ones dangerous working with! Not sure, when will burst! – Behaved like Ah Lian Ah beng that type! Blow me off 超讨厌的, 放我鸽子! 气死人! 浪费我时间! Always SMS nonsense 空…谈的话, 没重点 messages entertaining confused me. (Think my SMS MMS, all calls Free!) – Disadvantage using lousy phone, data transmission slow...

Interesting! Advertising gimmicks using pregnant woman get buyers attention! Can change Name card be professional too!

Pregnant Woman Target Sales
Pregnant Woman Target Sales

Where got 大吃大喝 jobs, everything companies pay for me? Singapore is a miser city. None charitable to me!
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